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Upload Files

  • Adobe Illustrator and InDesign up to CS3 (turn text into outlines, CMYK)
  • Adobe PhotoShop PSD up to CS3 (300dpi,CMYK, keep layers intact)
  • Adobe PDF (high quality-press ready)
  • QuarkXpress up to 6.5 (CMYK)
  • JPEG, TIFF (300dpi,CMYK)
  • Spot color images must be color seperated

  • ISO Disc Image
  • ZIP or StuffIt files with complete file/directory structure
  • Video File(s) to be turned into a DVD-Video disc
  • Audio File(s) to be turned into a CD-Audio disc
  • Please specifiy a VOLUME NAME for a data disc (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM)

Open Modal

Email can be used as well - but remember that files can easily be corrupted this way or even delayed for quite a while if there is a problem somewhere on the Internet. If you must use email, please keep the total size of each message under 15MB and all files should be compressed into one ZIP, or SIT. Please contact us to reference the appropriate email for your files.